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Search engine optimisation


It doesn't matter if your site is the flashiest or most useable or most beautiful if nobody can find it!

That's why basic search engine optimisation is a part of all our web design packages.

This includes:
  • Creating a search engine-friendly site from the outset.
  • Simple keyword research (keywords are the terms search engine users search on).
  • Optimised meta tag generation.
  • Advice on what keywords to include — and where — in site content.
  • Acquisition of about five links to your site to get you started in the search engines.

Our basic search engine optimisation service will not win you top rankings, but it will ensure that your site is in the search engines and can be searched for.

Getting top rankings: SE+
But to really make the most out of the web, websites need more.

We achieve our results by:

  • careful keyword research
  • working on the content of websites — on-page search engine optimisation
  • working on the content of websites — search engine friendly navigation and architecture
  • generating linkable to website content
  • intelligent link building to obtain relevant and and powerful links to your site.
  • hand submission to appropriate directories
  • generating content on other sites that can link back to your website eg articles, Flickr pages
  • Social media marketing - we can set up branded Twitter and Facebook pages for you and offer advice. But DesignForProfit does not undertake full social media marketing campaigns.

We only use ethical seo techniques. Typically, we do not buy bulk links to your website as part of our seo strategy.

It does take time to achieve good rankings, because search engines move slowly. The other side of that is that a good ranking, once achieved, will continue to work for you for years, earning you money long after your investment in web promotion.

We tailor our SE+ service to each site. To find out more about getting top rankings for your site, please contact us.

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