Website price and other FAQs

What is the price of a website?

Everybody asks this. And nobody can give an exact answer. Every website really is different. But here are some guidelines.


Website price depends on a number of factors:
  • Number of pages
  • Image creation
  • Programming
  • Copywriting
  • Search engine optimisation

Our prices:

  • start at £1,500 for simple custom-designed websites with up to 30 pages. An email contact form, basic search optimisation and domain name registration are all included.

Our prices are competitive, although you could probably find cheaper. But because we do include everything, and because we pride ourselves on doing a seriously good job for our clients in every respect, we consider that our service is excellent value for money.


What is included?



We really do try to include everything with no hidden extras.

Our standard web design package includes:

  • Complete customized design and layout of your site.
  • Contact form with responses emailed to you.
  • Effective copyrighting
  • Simple javascript programming.
  • Addition and 'improvement' if necessary of images that you provide.
  • Image creation (photo and illustration)
  • Domain name registration.
  • Hosting.
  • Basic search engine optimisation and the acquisition of about 5 basic links to your website to get you started in the search engines (see our Search engine optimisation page for more details).
For many companies, absolutely nothing else will be required.

Will my site work on different browsers?


We test all websites to work in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

We also ensure that our sites function in the current version of Opera, and that sites are visible in the text-based browser Lynx where possible

That covers the vast majority of modern computer users.


Will my site appear in Google?


Yes. When we design a new website, we ensure that it is search engine friendly from the outset and that search terms relevant to your business are included. Search engines will definitely find and list your site.

But your site is unlikely to appear in the top pages of the Search Engines. You may be lucky, but high rankings in Google usually require a lot of spade work. And DesignForProfit can
do it.

We have a SE+ service for clients who need to rank high. And unlike most search engine optimisation firms, our service is
full payment on results only. See our services page for details.


Can I see the site before it goes live?


Definitely. We have a secure clients' area on this website and it is our standard practice to show initial designs and revisions for you to approve before site development begins.

As development gets underway, we will put up the home page and at least one section page for you to review. Again, this is our standard practice.

Database-driven sites with advanced functionality can be tested by you on your server or ours depending on your preference.


How long will it take?

Generalisation is difficult, but to give you a rough idea:
  • A simple five page website should take less than a fortnight.
  • A straightforward 10 page site with a content management system should take less than a month.
  • A Flash based site with 5 'scenes' and moderate animation and scripting should take less than a month.

Elaborate design, lots of web scripting, extensive database functionality — all these features will add to the time needed for development. We always try and give clients a realistic timetable based on the particular features of their website.

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