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David Harber Sundials website
  David Harber

All David Harber's websites have acted as a showcase for very appealing products and have benefited from very high quality photographs.

The design progression is, we think, quite interesting.

It reflects the company's evolution from a maker of mainly small albeit beautiful sundials to a company producing garden, indoor and public art for an international market.

  Belsize Square Kids website

View Belsize Square Kidz website

  Belsize Square Kids

We loved this site! It was the children's section of the Belsize Square Synagogue website.

It was a bright community site, with Flash games (appropriately Beat the Rabbi, and Fish balls and Tomato Ketchup!), a chat forum and an editable news area that was managed by the children themselves.

The site included a full web content management system that was bullet-proof enough for the children to use.

    Technologies used:, flash, javascript, xml, html
  Samphire Restaurant website
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  Samphire Restaurant

A number of websites designed by DesignForProfit are now offline. But we always had a soft spot for Samphire.

Samphire Restaurant was an ambitious attempt to sell West End quality food in a local neighbourhood. Sadly, the attempt failed — the locals preferred the cheap 'n cheerful Ethiopian restaurant next door!

DesignForProfit's website for Samphire was elegant and modern, reflecting the restaurant's style. It included an online reservation system.

Samphire's performance in the search engine's is a lesson in how search engine behaviour has changed.

This was fifteen years ago, before the internet had really taken off. And with little effort, the restaurant was able to rank in the top three listings on the first page of Google for search terns like restaurant north london and restaurant hampstead! Unimaginable today.

Nowadays, such success would be very hard to achieve.

See our search engine optimisation page to find out what we could help you achieve today.

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